Let It Go

My brain is quite imaginative in the mystical beasts it makes up, and not the cute cuddling kind, but the unapologetically scary reptilian kind. I can go from happy thoughts to worst case scenario in .02 seconds. I can be soaking up the sun without a care in the world to being chased by a 20 foot fire-breathing dragon by a flip of a switch. Anxiety is make believe fear that I've played dress up with, and the more I play with it, the scarier it gets. It's paper dolls turned Nightmare on Elm Street. It has taken me many long nights of repetitive coaching sessions to slay my dragon, initially I was terrified to take my eyes off of it, I was convinced if I looked away, it would sneak up behind me and eat me alive, and then spit me out piece by piece. I thought if I kept focused on my fear, I might have some magical powers to prevent something bad from happening, but the more I stared at it, the bigger it grew. Slaying my dragon did not involve a blood bath but rather a peace offering, I held up my white flag and walked away, and the further I walked, the smaller it got. I dedicate this image to somebody I was once close to who imagines far more dangerous dragons and who struggles with letting them go.