My name is Shana and I'm an introvert. My introversion looks like shyness meets resting bitch face meets dear in the headlights (when overstimulated), and when left on my own, it's my own special wonderland. It's my escape from the overload of external stimulation, it's my pause button from the outside world. My introversion is a place, it's like a tree fort where I go to snuggle up in a sleeping bag that smells of camp fires with my favorite oversized blue pottery mug in hand as I watch the world below me. While I moved a lot and don't have one, I imagine that it's similar to the comfort of a childhood home. I also commonly refer to it as my recharge station, my security blanket, or my observation deck. Usually by the end of every day, my battery is drained and I race for the comforts of home, where I can shut the door, hang my hat, and just chill.