Visiting Hours

Death is always a reminder of life, it's a stark compare and contrast of all that is versus all that suddenly isn't. When life brushes shoulders with death, our pulse quickens and our breath shortens as we think of everything that was taken for granted... time. And everything that was ever wasted... time. We find ourselves scrambling at the end, holding our loved ones, and grasping for more... time. It's always time. But what we fail to remember in every moment before then is NOW. Every moment right now is a gift of time, Shane Koyczan illustrates it beautifully in his poem, Visiting Hours: "Some of us are going to get cancer
And some of us are going to fall in our showers
But until then you got to shine
Because all the time you get
It's just visiting hours." Now is our visiting hours, now is the moment to embrace life and those around us. Don't only value life at the end, value it through its entirety. 
Thank you to my dear and thoughtful friend, Sunny for the beautiful flowers. Such a wonderful gift to find at my door to honor exactly this, these are our visiting hours. Often we send flowers when someone's gone, but how about we send them now while there's still time.

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